Gray, White + Yellow Nursery by Crissie McDowell

Nursery by Crissie McDowell on

I love featuring creative nurseries! This one came to me billed as perhaps the world’s smallest nursery, but despite the space limitations, Crissie McDowell did a fantastic design job. Here’s what she had to say about her inspiration and DIY process:

I am not a big pink, frilly person so we went with a more neutral palette of gray and white with splashes of yellow. We were fortunate enough to have my sister donate all of their old furniture from the crib and glider to the changing table and rug. I love that old rug! To save money I tried to make a lot of the decorations/storage devices. I had seen a library for a child that totally inspired me online. Such simple little ledge shelves but they provided storage for her books and also looked really cute. I turned to my favorite woodworker, Ana White of Knock Off Wood, for the plans. They were SO cheap and easy to make. I think they probably took me longer to hang than they did to build. I totally fell in love with the posters above the shelves while in a bar. Yes, that’s right. I had a baby… in my belly… in a bar. We were there for a concert and these darling posters were hanging above the bar. I got on my phone right then and bought them on eBay. I designed the posters above her bed and just painted cheap frames and cut mat board to match. I also made some floating shelves to go above the change table. These were a little more challenging for me. I had to use different wood thicknesses and dimensions than were specified in the plans from Ana White, but in the end they worked out. I would say they took me about 5-6 hours to build, paint and hang. Definitely enlisted the help of my hubby to help me hang them. They were pretty heavy. Did I mention I heart Ana White’s site? She makes building things so easy! It’s so rewarding to build something yourself vs. buying. ~ Crissie

Nursery by Crissie McDowell on


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